Our Team


Ernst Günter Afting, MD PhD

Chairman of the Board

Ernst Günter Afting has over 30 years as an executive and board member for pharmaceutical companies, including Hoechst, Roussel UCLAF, Enanta, Sorrento, and others. He advised the German government on science and technology, has headed national institutes for health research, and has been a faculty member in medicine at the University of Göttingen since 1985.

Scott Hampton


Scott Hampton has started medical device and biotech companies, and holds patents for implants and surgical devices. His background combines engineering, regulatory, and operations in startups and established firms. He is the  Moffitt Cancer Center's Entrepreneur in Residence for 2014.

David Adair, MD

David Adair is board certified in both Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has established one of the South’s largest Maternal-Fetal Medicine groups. David serves as a senior faculty member and clinician at the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville and Chattanooga medical campuses.

Robin Hwang, PhD

Robin Hwang is a world leader in the medical device and drug delivery fields with many patents and innovations that have enabled new therapies in diverse areas. He has worked as a consultant, with Halozyme, Amgen, Becton Dickinson, and others.

Boris Ratiner, MD

Boris Ratiner is a practicing physician and experienced entrepreneur. He leads Rheumatology Therapeutics and has been involved in many Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. Boris is a founder or board member of biotech companies and is a Clinical Instructor at UCLA.


Stan Yakatan

CEO and Director

Stan Yakatan has 35+ years experience in bio/med tech, with many senior executive and board roles. He has co-founded or advised more companies than we have room to list. As a strategic advisor to countries like Canada and Australia he is an advocate for entrepreneurs, medical innovators, and the creation of real value.

Andreas Reiff, MD

CMO and Director

Andreas Reiff ("AR") is Professor of Pediatrics and international expert in biologic drugs. Andreas has established himself as a pioneer of biologics, lectures worldwide, and advises the world’s leading pharma companies. When he isn't shaking up the practice of medicine he is an accomplished percussionist.

Andreas Voigt, PhD

Chief Scientist

Andreas Voigt ("AV") is one of the leading experts on biophysics for drug delivery, with an impressive list of patents spanning 25 years in pharmaceutical innovation. Prior to joining TheraKine he helped found a Berlin-based CMO that focused on formulation development for major pharma partners.